Automotive Telemarketing Services

Having worked extensively within corporate/fleet departments we know all too well how important it is not only to have sales on the board right now, but also to have deals in the pipeline for future months; which is always handy for the quarterly forecasts.

In a competitive market we are sure you would prefer your sales team to be in front of a decision maker instead of hitting the phones and lets face it some are great at face to face but can struggle to get those appointments in the first place.

With Shasar, you now have the opportunity to bypass the hours of endless calls and sometimes demoralising situation where your team struggle to get any appointments which ultimately means no sales.

Shasar will work to your individualised parameters which may include;

  • Size of company
  • Area
  • Change of cycle

We will also work to the terms set by you the client for a plan of action in terms of appointments and the diary of your sales team - and the best only pay for the qualified appointments.

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